Business Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity

8/26/20232 min read

If you’ve been in the market for Internet connectivity, you might probably be wondering what the fuss about fiber optic connectivity is about. Truth be told, fiber optics is a relatively new entrant to the market of connectivity, especially among individual households and small businesses. However, it is highly evident what its benefits are.
The debate of
is one that can be easily won when you take into consideration what the benefits of fiber optic are. These include:


Fiber optic is one of the fastest connectivity options in the market today. With speeds of up to 100GBps being available, your business will never have to suffer downtime. Remember, slow connections cost the business time that would otherwise have been used in productive ventures. As a matter of fact, research by Sandisk showed that employees lose one week of productivity per year when they have to deal with slow connections.

Cloud Access

With a lot of business opting for cloud solutions including hosting of customer relationship management tools and data storage, there is every need to ensure connectivity can support this. When it comes to making customers happy making sure there are no delays is critical. Fiber optic connectivity is your best bet if you are hoping to make the best out of your Software-as-a Service (SaaS) tools.


The bandwidth available in fiber optic connectivity tends to be much higher than in other traditional options such as. This is good news for any business that experiences a high need for data transmission. With many Internet service providers putting a cap on data usage, you need an option that allows you to transmit as much as your business requires. Businesses that require frequent web conferencing, file sharing, streaming of high definition videos and even SIP trunking, in particular, will require the bandwidth wiggle room afforded by fiber optic connectivity.


Latency is a term that is used to refer to the delays that occur when data has to be processed over a data connection. With fiber optic Internet, this is a worry of the past. The quality of voice over IP calls is significantly better when using fiber optic and there is improved collaboration between employees as the latency levels are significantly reduced.


Unfortunately, cyberspace has become infiltrated by the bad guys-a risk that everyone who has used the Internet at some point should be familiar with. Cable tapping is one of the ways through which hackers get access to confidential business data. Fiber optic cables can only be penetrated through physical cutting, and when this is done the signal disappears. As such, fiber optic connectivity is one of the ways in which you can keep your business’ data safe from cyber-crime.

Cost Savings

While fiber optic might seem like a huge cost at the start, the savings are realized over the long term when you derive more productivity from your employees. Your business will also become more efficient owing to the flexibility and scalability afforded by fiber optics.
Clearly, every business that is seeking to grow in today’s new world should be looking to get fiber optic connectivity for increased efficiency, security, productivity, and reliability.

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